On factor relations between weighted and Nörlund means

G. Canan Hazar Güleç, Mehmet Ali Sarıgöl


By $\left( X,Y\right) ,$ we denote the set of all sequences $\epsilon =\left( \epsilon _{n}\right) $ such that $\Sigma \epsilon _{n}a_{n}$ is summable $Y$ whenever $\Sigma a_{n}$ is summable $X,$ where $X$ and $Y$ are two summability methods. In this study, we get necessary and sufficient conditions for $\epsilon \in \left( \left\vert N,q_{n},u_{n}\right\vert _{k},\left\vert \bar{N},p_{n}\right\vert \right) $ and $\epsilon \in \left( \left\vert \bar{N},p_{n}\right\vert ,\left\vert N,q_{n},u_{n}\right\vert _{k}\right) $, $k\geq 1,$ using functional analytic tecniques, where $% \left\vert \bar{N},p_{n}\right\vert $ and $\left\vert N,q_{n},u_{n}\right\vert _{k}$ are absolute weighted and N\"{o}rlund summability methods, respectively, \cite{1}, \cite{5}. Thus, in the special case, some well known results are also deduced.


Sequence spaces; Absolute Nörlund summability; Absolute weighted mean summability, Summability Factors

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5556/j.tkjm.50.2019.2704

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