Coefficients bounds in some subclass of analytic functions

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Janusz Sokol
Deepak Bansal


In this paper we consider a class of analytic functions introduced by Mishra and Gochhayat, {\it Fekete-Szeg\"o problem for a class defined by an integral operator}, Kodai Math. J., 33(2010) 310--328, which is connected with $k$-starlike functions through Noor operator. We find inclusion relations and coefficients bounds in this class.

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Sokol, J., & Bansal, D. (2012). Coefficients bounds in some subclass of analytic functions. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 43(4), 621–630.
Author Biographies

Janusz Sokol, Rzeszow University of Technology

Department of Mathematics, Rzeszów University of Technology, al. Powsta´nców Warszawy 12, 35-959 Rzeszów,Poland.

Deepak Bansal

Department ofMathematics, College of Engg. and Technology, Bikaner 334004, Rajasthan, India.


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