An extension of a basic univalence criterion

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Dorina Raducanu
Horiana Tudor
Shigeyoshi Owa


Some sufficient conditions for univalence and quasiconformal extension of a class of functions defined by an integral operator are discussed with some examples. This condition involves two arbitrary functions $ g $ and $ h $ analytic in the unit disk. A number of well-known univalent conditions would follow upon specializing the functions and the parameters involved in our main result.

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Raducanu, D., Tudor, H., & Owa, S. (2013). An extension of a basic univalence criterion. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 44(4), 417–430.
Author Biographies

Dorina Raducanu

Faculty of mathematics and Computer Science, Transilvania University of Brasov, 5009, Iuliu Maniu 50, Brasov, Romania.

Horiana Tudor

Faculty of mathematics and Computer Science, Transilvania University of Brasov, 5009, Iuliu Maniu 50, Brasov, Romania.

Shigeyoshi Owa

Department ofMathematics, Kinki University, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka 577-8502, Japan.


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