Inequalities of quermassintegrals about mixed Blaschke Minkowski homomorphisms


  • Yibin Feng
  • Weidong Wang
  • Jun Yuan



mixed Blaschke-Minkowski homomorphisms, quermassintegrals, Minkowski inequality, Brunn-Minkowski inequality


In this article, we establish some inequalities of quermassintegrals associated with mixed Blaschke Minkowski homomorphisms. In particular, Minkowski and Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities for quermassintegrals differences of mixed Blaschke Minkowski homomorphisms are established. In addition, we also give an isolated form of Brunn-Minkowski type inequality of quermassintegrals established by Schuster.

Author Biographies

Yibin Feng

School ofMathematics and Statistics, Hexi University, Zhangye, 734000, China.

Weidong Wang

Department ofMathematics, China Three Gorges University, Yichang, 443002, China.

Jun Yuan

School ofMathematics and Computer Science, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, Nanjing, 211171, China.


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Feng, Y., Wang, W., & Yuan, J. (2015). Inequalities of quermassintegrals about mixed Blaschke Minkowski homomorphisms. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 46(3), 217–227.