Inverse problems for the differential operator on the graph with a cycle with different orders on different edges


  • Natalia Bondarenko



Geometrical Graphs, Differential Operators, Inverse Spectral Problems, Weyl-type Matrices, Method of Spectral Mappings


We consider a variable order differential operator on a graph with a cycle. We study inverse spectral problems for this operator by the system of spectra. Uniqueness theorems are proved, and constructive algorithms are obtained for the solution of the inverse problems.

Author Biography

Natalia Bondarenko

Department ofMechanics andMathematics, Saratov State University, Astrakhanskaya 83, Saratov 410012, Russia.


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Bondarenko, N. (2015). Inverse problems for the differential operator on the graph with a cycle with different orders on different edges. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 46(3), 229–243.