A note on the least (normalized) laplacian eighva;ue of signed graphs


  • Hui Shu Li
  • Hong Hai Li




signed graph, Laplacian, eigenvalues, balancedness


Let $\Gamma=(G, \sigma)$ be a connected signed graph, and $L(\Gamma)$ be its Laplacian and $\mathcal{L}(\Gamma)$ its normalized Laplacian with eigenvalues $\lambda_1\geq \lambda_2\geq\cdots \geq \lambda_n$ and $\mu_1\geq \mu_2\geq\cdots \geq \mu_n$, respectively. It is known that a signed graph $\Gamma$ is balanced if and only if $\lambda_n=0$ (or $\mu_n=0$). We show that $\lambda_n$ and $\mu_n$ measure how much $\Gamma$ is far from being balanced by proving that \begin{align*}\mu_n(\Gamma)&\leq\min\{\frac{2\epsilon(\Gamma)}{m}, \frac{\nu(\Gamma)}{\nu(\Gamma)+\nu_1(\Gamma)}\},\\ \lambda_n(\Gamma)&\leq \min\{\lambda_1(\Gamma'): \Gamma-\Gamma'\,\,\,{is balanced}\}, \end{align*}where $\nu(\Gamma)$ (resp. $\epsilon(\Gamma)$) denotes the frustration number (resp. the frustration index) of $\Gamma$, that is the minimum number of vertices (resp. edges) to be deleted such that the signed graph is balanced.

Author Biography

Hong Hai Li

College of Mathematics and Information Science, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang, JiangXi, 330022, People’s Republic of China.


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