Continuous random variables with Hadamard fractional integral

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Khellaf Ould Melha
Vaijanath Laxmanrao Chinchane


In this paper, we establish some new inequalities of expectation and variance of continuous random variables by using the Hadamard fractional integral operator.

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Melha, K. O., & Chinchane, V. L. (2018). Continuous random variables with Hadamard fractional integral. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 50(1), 103–109.
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Khellaf Ould Melha

Department of Mathematics, UHB, University of Chlef, Algeria.

Vaijanath Laxmanrao Chinchane, D.I.E.M.S Auraangabad

Department of Mathematics, Deogiri Institute of Engineering andManagement, Studies Aurangabad-431005, INDIA.


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