Meromorphic functions whose certain differential polynomial share a polynomial


  • Sujoy Majumder Raiganj University
  • Rajib Mandal Raiganj University



Uniqueness, Meromorphic function, Non-linear dierential polynomials, normal families.


In this paper, we use the idea of normal family to investigate the uniqueness
problems of meromorphic functions when certain non-linear dierential polynomial sharing
a nonzero polynomial with certain degree. We obtain some results which will not only rectify
the recent results of P. Sahoo and H. Karmakar [9] but also improve and generalize some
recent results of L. Liu [7], H. Y. Xu, T. B. Cao and S. Liu [12] and P. Sahoo and H.
Karmakar [9] in a large extent.

Author Biographies

Sujoy Majumder, Raiganj University

Department of Mathematics, Raiganj University, Raiganj,West Bengal-733134, India.

Rajib Mandal, Raiganj University

Department of Mathematics, Raiganj University, Raiganj,West Bengal-733134, India.


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Majumder, S., & Mandal, R. (2021). Meromorphic functions whose certain differential polynomial share a polynomial. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 50(2), 165-185.