Complex-Parameter Integral Iterations of Caratheodory Maps




Caratheodory maps, Bazilevi$\check{c}$ maps, Integral iterations


Recent studies in the class of Bazilevi$\check{c}$ maps as a whole has compelled the development, in this work, of certain complex-parameter integral iterations of Caratheodory maps. The iterations are employed in a similar manner as in \cite{BA} to study a certain subfamily of those Bazilevi$\check{c}$ maps.

Author Biographies

Kunle Oladeji Babalola, University of Ilorin

Mathematics, Associate Professor

Mashood Sidiq, University of Ilorin



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Babalola, K. O., & Sidiq, M. (2020). Complex-Parameter Integral Iterations of Caratheodory Maps. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 51(4), 289-301.