A Study of New Class of Almost Contact Metric Manifolds of Kenmotsu Type





Almost contact metric structure, Kenmotsu manifold, Riemannian curvature tensor, Ricci tensor, Einstein manifold


In this paper, we characterized a new class of almost contact metric manifolds and established the equivalent conditions of the characterization identity in term of Kirichenko’s tensors. We demonstrated that the Kenmotsu manifold provides the mentioned class; i.e., the new class can be decomposed into a direct sum of the Kenmotsu and other classes. We proved that the manifold of dimension 3 coincided with the Kenmotsu manifold and provided an example of the new manifold of dimension 5, which is not the Kenmotsu manifold. Moreover, we established the Cartan’s structure equations, the components of Riemannian curvature tensor and the Ricci tensor of the class under consideration. Further, the conditions required for this to be an Einstein manifold have been determined.


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