Fixed Point Of Contractive Mappings Of Integral Type Over An $S^{JS}$- Metric Space

Fixed Point Of Contractive Mappings




Fixed point; S^{JS}- metric space; metric space.


We obtain sufficient conditions for existence of fixed points of integral type contractive mappings on an S^{JS}- metric spaces. We also study common fixed point and couple fixed point of integral type mappings and construct examples to support our results.

Author Biography

Ismat Beg, Lahore School of Economics

Ismat Beg is Higher Education Commission Distinguished National Professor at Lahore School of Economics. He has vast experience of teaching and research. His field of interest and specialization is versatile in nature. It covers many areas of Mathematics, Economics, Decision Theory, Computer Science, Social Sciences and Engineering. He is a Fellow of Pakistan Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (U K).


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Roy, K., Saha, M., & Beg, I. (2021). Fixed Point Of Contractive Mappings Of Integral Type Over An $S^{JS}$- Metric Space: Fixed Point Of Contractive Mappings . Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 52(2), 267-280.