General Decay of Solutions in One-Dimensional Porous-Elastic with Memory and Distributed Delay Term


  • Abdelbaki Choucha Department of Mathematics, University of El Oued, B.P. 789, El Oued 39000, Algerie
  • Djamel Ouchenane Laboratory of pure Mathematics and Applications, Laghouat, Algeria
  • Khaled Zennir Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences and Arts, Al-Ras, Qassim University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Porous system; General decay; Exponential Decay; Memory term; delay term; Relaxation function.


As a continuity to the study by T. A. Apalarain[3], we consider a one-dimensional porous-elastic system with the presence of both memory and distributed delay terms in the second equation. Using the well known energy method combined with Lyapunov functionals approach, we prove a general decay result given in Theorem 2.1.


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Choucha, A., Ouchenane, D., & Zennir, K. (2021). General Decay of Solutions in One-Dimensional Porous-Elastic with Memory and Distributed Delay Term. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 52(4), 479–495.