Relative essential ideals in $N$-groups

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Tapatee Sahoo
Bijan Davvaz
Harikrishnan Panackal
Babushri Srinivas Kedukodi
Syam Prasad Kuncham


Let $G$ be an $N$-group where $N$ is a (right) nearring. We introduce the concept of relative essential ideal (or $N$-subgroup) as a generalization of the concept of essential submodule of a module over a ring or a nearring. We provide suitable examples to distinguish the notions relative essential and essential ideals. We prove the important properties and obtain equivalent conditions for the relative essential ideals (or $N$-subgroups) involving the quotient. Further, we derive results on direct sums, complement ideals of $N$-groups and obtain their properties under homomorphism.

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Sahoo, T., Davvaz, B., Panackal, H., Kedukodi, B. S., & Kuncham, S. P. (2023). Relative essential ideals in $N$-groups. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 54(1), 69–82.


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