Homomorphism theorems in subtraction algebra


  • Mehmet ali öztürk
  • Hasret Yazarli




Subtraction algebra, ideal, quotient subtraction algebra, homomorphism, isomorphism.


In this paper, we give homomorphism theorem between two subtraction algebras and investigate some related properties.

Author Biographies

Mehmet ali öztürk

Adıyaman University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department ofMathematics, 02040 Adıyaman, Turkey.

Hasret Yazarli

CumhuriyetUniversity, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics, 58140 Sivas, Turkey.


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öztürk, M. ali, & Yazarli, H. (2013). Homomorphism theorems in subtraction algebra. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 44(4), 365–375. https://doi.org/10.5556/j.tkjm.44.2013.978