Proximunalty in Orlicz-bochner Function Spaces

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M. Khandaqji
R. Khalil
D. Hussein


A (closed) subspace $ Y$ of a Banach space $ X$ is called proximinal if for every $ x\in X$ there exists some $ y\in Y$ such that $ \|x-y\|\le\|x-z\|$ for $ z\in Y$. It is the object of this paper is to study the proximinality of $ L^\Phi(I,Y)$ in $ L^\Phi(I,X)$ for some class of Young's functions $ \Phi$, where $ I$ is the unit interval. We prove (among other results) that if $ Y$ is a separable proximinal subspace of $ X$, then $ L^\Phi(I,Y)$ is proximinal in $ L^\Phi(I,X)$.

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Khandaqji, M., Khalil, R., & Hussein, D. (2003). Proximunalty in Orlicz-bochner Function Spaces. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 34(1), 71–76.
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M. Khandaqji

Department of Mathematics Zarka-Jordan, Hashimiya University, Jordan

R. Khalil

Department of Mathematics University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.