New f-divergnce and Jensen-Ostrowsk's type inequalities

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Ram Naresh Saraswat
Ajay Tak


In this paper we derive new information inequalities of Jensen-Ostrowski type, by considering two Jensen-Ostrowski type inequalities, new $f$-divergence and\\ Chi-divergences. The special cases of these information inequalities are established as applications of new $f$-divergence and its particular instances.

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Saraswat, R. N., & Tak, A. (2018). New f-divergnce and Jensen-Ostrowsk’s type inequalities. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 50(1), 111–118.
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Ram Naresh Saraswat

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Basic Science,Manipal University, Jaipur-303007, India.

Ajay Tak

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Basic Science,Manipal University, Jaipur-303007, India.


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