On Three Dimensional Cosymplectic Manifolds Admitting Almost Ricci Solitons


  • Uday Chand De University of Calcutta
  • Chiranjib Dey University of Calcutta




Almost Ricci solitons, gradient almost Ricci solitons, Ricci solitons, cosymplectic 3-manifolds, Killing vector field.


In the present paper we study three dimensional cosymplectic manifolds admitting almost Ricci solitons. Among others we prove that in a three dimensional compact orientable cosymplectic manifold M^3 without
boundary an almost Ricci soliton reduces to Ricci soliton under certain restriction on the potential function lambda. As a consequence we obtain several corollaries. Moreover we study gradient almost Ricci solitons.

Author Biographies

Uday Chand De, University of Calcutta

Department of Pure Mathematics,

Emeritus Professor

Chiranjib Dey, University of Calcutta

Department of Pure Mathematics,

Research associate


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De, U. C., & Dey, C. (2020). On Three Dimensional Cosymplectic Manifolds Admitting Almost Ricci Solitons. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 51(4), 303-312. https://doi.org/10.5556/j.tkjm.51.2020.3077