Certain results on N(k)-contact metric manifolds


  • Uday Chand De




Three dimensional N(k)-contact metric manifolds, concircularly pseudosymmetric, Ricci soliton, Gradient Ricci soliton, Einstein manifolds


In the present paper we study contact metric manifolds whose characteristic vector field $\xi$ belonging to the $k$-nullity distribution. First we consider concircularly pseudosymmetric $N(k)$-contact metric manifolds of dimension $(2n+1)$. Beside these, we consider Ricci solitons and gradient Ricci solitons on three dimensional $N(k)$-contact metric manifolds. As a consequence we obtain several results. Finally, an example is given.

Author Biography

Uday Chand De

Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta, 35, Ballygaunge Circular Road, Kolkata -700019, West Bengal, India.


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