Viscosity solutions for the relativistic inhomogeneous Vlasov equation in Schwarzschild outer space-time in the presence of the Yang-Mills field

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Foko Kamseu Maturin
Dongo David
Abel Nguelemo Kenfack
Woukeng Jean Louis


This paper provide evidence of the existence and uniqueness result for the viscosity solutions of inhomogeneous Vlasov equation. we consider the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for the relativistic Vlasov equation with near vacuum initial data where the distribution function depends on the time, the position, the momentum and the non-Abelian charge of particles. We consider this equation on a
Schwarzschild outer space-time with Yang-Mills field.

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Maturin, F. K. ., David, D., Nguelemo Kenfack, A., & Jean Louis, W. (2022). Viscosity solutions for the relativistic inhomogeneous Vlasov equation in Schwarzschild outer space-time in the presence of the Yang-Mills field. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 54(3), 237–256.


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