Asymptotic behaviour of the Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs system in a Bianchi type I model

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Abel Nguelemo Kenfack
Francis Etienne Djiofack
David Dongo
Remy Magloire Etoua


We study the Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs (EYMH) system with a positive cosmological constant in the Bianchi type I space-time with locally rotational symmetry (LRS). In particular, we consider the nonlinear interaction of the Higgs field with the Yang-Mills field coupled to an unknown gravitational field. For the considered model, from certain additional conditions (the temporal gauge and some symmetries), we derive the conservation laws for the field equations and we then deduce the exact formulation of equations in the geometric framework. Furthermore, using an iterative approch and some mathematical analysis tools, we study the above system of equations. We then establish a global existence result for the homogeneous solution and we analyse its asymptotic behaviour.

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Nguelemo Kenfack, A., Djiofack , F. E., Dongo, D., & Etoua, R. M. (2023). Asymptotic behaviour of the Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs system in a Bianchi type I model. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics.


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