$n$-harmonicity, minimality, conformality and cohomology

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Bang-Yen Chen
Professor Wei


By studying cohomology classes that are related with n-harmonic morphisms and F-harmonic maps, we augment and extend several results on F-harmonic maps, harmonic maps in [1, 3, 14], p-harmonic morphisms in [17], and also revisit our previous results in [9, 10, 21] on Riemannian submersions and n-harmonic morphisms which are submersions. The results, for example Theorem 3.2 obtaine by utilizing the n-conservation law (2.6), are sharp.

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Chen, B.-Y., & Wei, S. W. (2023). $n$-harmonicity, minimality, conformality and cohomology. Tamkang Journal of Mathematics. https://doi.org/10.5556/j.tkjm.55.2024.5118
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Bang-Yen Chen, Department of Mathematic, Michigan State University

Department of Mathematics

Michigan State University

Professor Wei, University of Oklahoma

Professor, Department of Mathematics


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