Constant curvature surfaces in a pseudo-isotropic space

Muhittin Evren Aydin


In this study, we deal with the local structure of curves and surfaces immersed in a pseudo-isotropic space $\mathbb{I}_{p}^{3}$ that is a particular Cayley-Klein space. We provide the formulas of curvature, torsion and Frenet trihedron for spacelike and timelike curves, respectively. The causal character of all admissible surfaces in $\mathbb{I}_{p}^{3}$ has to be timelike up to its absolute. We introduce the formulas of Gaussian and mean curvature for timelike surfaces in $\mathbb{I}_{p}^{3}$. As applications, we describe the surfaces of revolution which are the orbits of a plane curve under a hyperbolic rotation with constant Gaussian and mean curvature.


Pseudo-isotropic space; surface of revolution; Gaussian curvature; mean curvature

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