1 Vol 47, No 1 (2016)

Vol 47, No 1 (2016)

Special Issue

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Asymptotic analysis of a monostable equation in periodic media PDF
Matthieu Alfaro, Thomas Giletti
The optimal dispersal strategy: a two-patch model with travel loss PDF
Chang-Hong Wu
On the existence of two stationary solutions for a free boundary problem describing cell motility PDF
Harunori Monobe
Lack of symmetry in linear determinacy due to convective effects in reaction-diffusion-convection problems PDF
Ameera Al-Kiffai, Elaine Crooks
A reaction-diffusion system and its shadow system describing harmful algal blooms PDF
Shintaro kondo, Masayasu Mimura
On the evolutionary stability of male harassment in a coercive mating game PDF
Oyita Udiani, Yuan Lou, Ian Hamilton
Regime shift in a phytoplankton–phosphorus model with vertical structure and seasonality PDF
Kota Ikeda, Takeshi Miki
Dynamics of the predator-prey models on the two-patch fragmented habitat with dispersal PDF
Ting-Hui Yang, Kaijen Cheng, Jin-Wei Yu

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