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Aims and Scope
To promote research interactions between local and overseas researchers, the Department has been publishing an international mathematics journal, the Tamkang Journal of Mathematics. The journal started as a biannual journal in 1970 and is devoted to high-quality original research papers  in pure and applied mathematics. In 1985 it has become a quarterly journal.

Tamkang Journal of Mathematics

The four issues are out for distribution at the end of March, June, September and December. The articles published in Tamkang Journal of Mathematics cover diverse mathematical disciplines. Submission of papers comes from all over the world. All articles are subjected to peer review from an international pool of referees. 

Abstracting and Indexing
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics is indexed by Math. Review, MathSci, Zentralblatt Für Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete, DOAJ, Scopus and other review/compilations.

Online Submission
Registration and login are required to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions. Please also refer to  Author's Guildline before submission.

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Vol 46, No 4 (2015)

Table of Contents


On irreducible divisor graphs in commutative rings with zero-divisors PDF
Christopher Park Mooney 365-388
On the tricyclic graphs with three disjoint 6-cycles and maximum matching energy PDF
Yun-Xia Zhou, Hong-Hai Li 389-399
Inverse scattering problem for Sturm-Liouville operator on non-compact A-graph. Uniqueness result. PDF
Mikhail Ignatyev 401-422
Short note on convexity of power mean PDF
Ladislav Matejíčka 423-426
Extension of an inequality with power exponential functions PDF
Yusuke Nishizawa, Mitsuhiro Miyagi 427-433
A note on "oscillation criteria for second-order nonlinear neutral dynamic equations on time scales PDF
Hassan Ahmed Hassan Agwa, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Khodier, Mahmoud Haman Osman Salm 435-439
Oscillation theorems for second order difference equations woth negative neutral term PDF
Ethiraju Thandapani, Devarajulu Seghar, Sandra Pinelas 441-451
Hybrid extragradient method with regularization for triple hierarchical variational inequalities with general mixed equilibrium and split feasibility constraints PDF
Lu-Chuan Ceng 453-503

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