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To promote research interactions between local and overseas researchers, the Department has been publishing an international mathematics journal, the Tamkang Journal of Mathematics. The journal started as a biannual journal in 1970 and is devoted to high-quality original research papers  in pure and applied mathematics. In 1985 it has become a quarterly journal.

Tamkang Journal of Mathematics

The four issues are out for distribution at the end of March, June, September and December. The articles published in Tamkang Journal of Mathematics cover diverse mathematical disciplines. Submission of papers comes from all over the world. All articles are subjected to peer review from an international pool of referees. 

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Special Issue on Mathematics Moving towards Biology and Ecology


Vol.47 No.,1

Posted: 2016-03-01
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Vol 47, No 1 (2016)

Special Issue

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Asymptotic analysis of a monostable equation in periodic media PDF
Matthieu Alfaro, Thomas Giletti
The optimal dispersal strategy: a two-patch model with travel loss PDF
Chang-Hong Wu
On the existence of two stationary solutions for a free boundary problem describing cell motility PDF
Harunori Monobe
Lack of symmetry in linear determinacy due to convective effects in reaction-diffusion-convection problems PDF
Ameera Al-Kiffai, Elaine Crooks
A reaction-diffusion system and its shadow system describing harmful algal blooms PDF
Shintaro kondo, Masayasu Mimura
On the evolutionary stability of male harassment in a coercive mating game PDF
Oyita Udiani, Yuan Lou, Ian Hamilton
Regime shift in a phytoplankton–phosphorus model with vertical structure and seasonality PDF
Kota Ikeda, Takeshi Miki
Dynamics of the predator-prey models on the two-patch fragmented habitat with dispersal PDF
Ting-Hui Yang, Kaijen Cheng, Jin-Wei Yu

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